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Zandor (SOLD!)

Sold to Japan recently.

"Zandor is doing very well with us. He is so cute"

"We had a good news about Zandor for you. Last weekend, we had a dressage game. Zandor participated in a L class with Ko. He got a score 61.8% and 5th place!! It was a first time challenge so that many people, judges and instructors, were interested in him. Then, I took part in second level class with Zandor. He got 1st place and we received cash awards!! :-) We are so proud of him. Thanks to you, we are very happy with him. Next month, we will take part in another game in Tokyo."

Zandor is a gorgeous 12 yrs old gelding by Clint Eastwood just recently sold to Japan and doing very well under his new owners.

I am happy Zandor found such a great home.

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