Vivaldi (SOLD!)

Born: 2002
Sexe: Gelding
Colour: Black
Height: 16.2 hs
Origin: Gribaldi

Vivaldi is a 14 years old gorgeous black gelding with 4 white Socks doing 4th level and training at PSG level. 16.2 hs

Vivaldi is a compact built type of horse with nice frame and super character.
Always willing to work, never spooky and a real safe schoolmaster with good gaits.
Vivaldi does know his tempis very well, makes easy pirouiettes and has nice halfpasses . Easy and light to ride.
Also start for piaffe has been made.
This beautiful horse is a real eyecatcher and has great groundmanners and no vices.
Sire: Gribaldi

Vivaldi is now showing with good results at 4th level to PSG tests in Holland. Vivaldi is super safe and reliable at shows and is a horse one can count on and can be competetive with.

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